Empress Tape Delay

Empress tape delayThe Empress Tape Delay is a nearly pedalboard-friendly digital delay. To be precise, this pedal is the light- version of the Empress Superdelay VM (vintage modified), which Empress developed in collaboration with Pro Guitarshop.com.

Therefore, the mono pedal offers simply the tape sounds of its predecessor in a compact enclosure. Besides presets, the 9-18 V pedal also offers tap tempo, modulation, hi-and low-pass filter and allows to choose between true and buffered bypass.
For the signal path of the up to 2.8 seconds delay is totally analog, you will have to dispense with midi, as well as with an expression-pedal input.

On my cult-factor scale the Empress Tape Delay, which today is available without any problems, becomes a 7 of 10.