Eventide Hamardillo – Harmonic Tremolo Algorithm

HarmadilloJust in time for the Summer NAMM 2019 Eventide launches the 51th algorithm. Namely, it is the Harmadillo, a harmonic tremolo algorithm that so many guitarists have already eagerly expected.
In the past, tube amps used a harmonic tremolo. In contrast to the usual tremolo which modulated the amplitude, in other words, the volume, the harmonic tremolo leads the signal through lowpass and high pass filter. These are turned by 180 degrees, modulated via LFO and create a beautiful drifting filter effect.

The Hamardillo emulates this effect in a perfect way and offers numerous additional adjustable parameters like drive, tone, LFO shape and envelope in the customary Eventide quality.

All this allows to create your very own perfect tremolo sound from a slight drifting to a chopped overdriving harmonic tremolo.
Like we are used to, the algorithm is offered as an editor download and is free of charge for all H9 Max owners.
Soon, you will find a respective video here.

Besides, Eventide treats a free software update to the Rose delay.
With this update, Eventide extends the number of presets to 25, integrates a midi clock, which is (likewise to the H9) able to synchronize other devices, midi tap tempo and subdivisions.

And, last but not least, you will also get a new detune effect in the envelope mode.
Even the tap-able midi clock ought to be an exciting extension that might make external controllers redundant and which is indeed a brilliant feature that have already been added to the H9 and that I have been waiting for a long time. Well done!

Furthermore, there are iOS plugins like the Blackhole (an ambient/space reverb with infinite width), MicroPitch (harmonizer/ pitch shifter) and UltraTap (rhythmic delay, glitch reverb).

And you can also get the VSig 3.0, a free visual editor for the H9000, that allows to create and configure your own algorithms directly on your personal computer.