Faux wet/ dry- Setup

To me a complete wet/dry or wet/dry/wet setup sounds marvelous but it also has got some disadvantages.
It is very expensive, may cause phase shifting and hum loops and the transport and the wiring are quite laborious.
But you there is a way to get the sound with less disadvantages.

Faux wet/dry Setup

A so-called faux wet/dry setup can be implemented with an amplifier that has got several inputs.
Or, if your amp only has one input you can emulate such a setup with a splitter or a looper.

The composition is quite simple: you split the guitar signal and lead the dry signal to a looper or into the first input of your amp.
The second signal can be lead into various overdrive pedals or modulation effects. Thereafter you run this wet signal as well into a looper or the second input of your amplifier.
The attack of your strings will be preserved and the effects are added.

Marshall “4 cable method”

For those who own a Marshall amp with four inputs it is even easier to fake a wet/dry setup:
You run the guitar directly into the amp (dry signal).
After that the guitar signal can be first lead to into the second input then into the effect chain and finally, by using the third input, back into the amplifier.

By using the volume pot you are now able to mix both signals.

This is how you can also use an amplifier without in-built effect loop to add the clean signal without the need of a modification.