Fender Jaguar Mod: serial /parallel connected pickup modification

The Johnny Marr signature Fender Jaguar offers the possibility of using both pickups serial connected. This creates a special kind of sound which cannot be produced with the standard versions of the Fender Jaguar. But these standard versions are easily modified without the need of the installation of a new switcher.
This is the Fender Jaguar modification:

Previous considerations

First I thought that I will use the tone-switch of the Jaguar to alternate between a serial and a parallel connection of the pickups. But after a while it came to my mind that it could be quiet interesting to use the tone-switch in a certain way while the pickups are serial connected. So I decided that I will do without the option to switch off both pickups at the same time. The possibility of killswitch remains preserved if one turns down the volume-pot of the rhythm-circuit and switch back and forth.


To modify a Fender Jaguar you only need a few things:

  • a cross- screwdriver
  • a soldering iron
  • a small piece of flex

First you have dismantle the control-board. Subsequently you have to unsolder the connected wirings and jacks and clean them with an unsolder pump. Now you can start the new wiring. And always keep in mind, not to forget to ground the bridge-pickup.
This is the layout for the new wiring:

Fender Jaguar Mod


Take care and protect your guitar with a cloth from scratches.

On this picture you can already see the new wiring.




Afterwards the control-board has to be replaced. The advantage of the Fender Jaguar is that you do not have to remove the pickguard to do so.

Now you can, just like before, activate the neck-pickup or the bridge-pickup separately or use them parallel connected. By switching down both switchers (formerly the off-position) you will get a serial connection of the pickups. The function of the tone-pot stays the same like it was before.

Soon I will add some soundfiles. But now it is time for an extensive testing. The new serial connection causes more output and more treble. In principle the two serial singlecoils are just like a humbucker. Especially if you like overdriven sounds this is a welcome alternative.