My recommendation: free plug-ins for virtual studio technology -part II

Tips & tricksSooner or later, every guitarist will start to record his/her own songs. By now, there are numerous nice programs that are able to transform your computer at home into a small record studio.
Furthermore, there is an almost endless assortment of effect plug-ins which allow to modify your sound additionally.

In the second part of this article, I would like to present numerous plug-ins to create more crazy and bizarre sounds.

Text to speech

Many lofi sounds are using film samples. For those, who don’t want so search for the right sample, Text to Speech is the perfect plug-in. This tool allows to create your very own sounds by transforming text into spoken words. Four different parameters of the pitches, as well as the character of the speech can be adjusted. Really a unique plug-in.

Tritik Krush

The Tritik Krush is a bitcrusher with the characteristic low pass and high pass filters. By adding a bit distortion, your clean sound will become a bit dirtier. Just because of the different filters, this free plug-in is definitively recommendable.

Vst4free Lofi

On vst4free you will find numerous lofi effects – all of them for free. Besides plentiful bitcrusher effects, you will also find morphing and stutter effects as well as radio-sound simulators and plug-ins to drag your sound through the mire.

Myvst Model E

The name already suggests where the myvst Model E has its origin. The virtual 3 oscillator synthesizer is especially suitable for the fans of the legendary Moog synth.

The synister

Modulation, modulation, modulation. Those, who are looking for modulation in all its variations, are well-advised to try out the synister. Besides two multimode filters, this 3 oscillator synthesizer also offers a sequencer and numerous effects.


The sound of the great Yamaha DX7 for the small or rather empty purse promises the dexed. Furthermore, this FM-sound plug-in can be combined with the original DX7. Thereby, the dexed loves to work as a patch editor or a sysex manager which allows to send all data via midi.

With all these plug-ins, you ought to have a proper collection of free VST instruments and plug-ins for the next soundtrack or likewise lofi experiments.
And if you have further recommendations for free VST plug-ins, please let me know.