My recommendation: free plug-ins for virtual studio technology – part I

Tips & tricksSooner or later, every guitarist will start to record his/her own songs. By now, there are numerous nice programs that are able to transform your computer at home into a small record studio.
Furthermore, there is an almost endless assortment of effect plug-ins which allow to modify your sound additionally.

In the first part of this two-part article, I would like to present several free plug-ins which are especially suitable for lofi- and ambient sounds.

Valhalla FreqEcho

No recording without a nice delay! Valhalla FreqEcho emulates an analog echo with frequency shifting and thereby creates chorus, double tracking, phasing and flanging effects. The quality of the Valhalla effects is absolutely brilliant and at least the reverb effects of this brand ought to be common to many guitarists so far.

Pechengo Tremolo

Marvelous classical wobbling effects can be created with the Pechengo Tremolo . Of course, the form of the modulation curve can be adjusted individually.

Ambient Reverb

For a total immersion in the sound, the Ambient Reverb is perfect. For a regular reverb, to freeze sounds and sound pads, this plug-in offers numerous setting options.

Vladgsound Molot

There is no doubt: the sound of the Vladgsound Molot is definitively not transparent. But therefore, you can add a beautiful coloring to your sound by using this compressor.

Shattered Glass Audio SGA1566

The Shattered Glass Audio SGA1566 is a virtual microphone preamp that is able to complement your sound by a wonderful analog warmness.

Izotope Vinyl

Regarding lofi- sounds, there is no way around a nice vinyl effect.
The name of the Izotope Vinyl says it all: In my opinion, it is a really well worked-out plug-in for vinyl sounds. Some really fancy is the fact, that besides numerous other parameters, you can also adjust the dust on the record, the noise and the decade in which the vinyl record has been pressed.
And of course, a warp effect for wow and flutter is integrated also.

Unstable Pitch Modulation

For those, who love worn out tape machines and old synthesizers, the Pitch Modulation is definitively recommendable.
This plug-in allows to choose between a sine- and a square waveform.
Sonically, it offers a really nice, randomized pitch modulation that is perfectly suitable to emulate the wobbling sound of the wow and flutter of an old tape machine.

Muon Tau Bassline

Muon is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Tau Bassline with a present to all users: a free download via Facebook. It is a bit tricky to find the download-option on the left of the Facebook page (“Exclusive Content”) but if you finally succeed, this plug-in will provide delightful bass sounds oriented to the Roland 303.

Linndrum LM-1

And for all those, who are tired of arguing with their drummer, the free Linndrum plug-ins are absolutely recommendable. By them, every lofi sound gets the right beat.

In the next part of this article, I would like to present free plug-ins for crazy and bizarre sounds.