Fulltone Solid State Echo

fulltone-ssteThe Fulltone Solid State Echo is a transistor tape machine.
For its slightly more compact construction, it is at least a little bit pedalboard-friendlier than the Fulltone Tube Tape Echo.
In contrast to its predecessor, the Solid State Echo is based on the Echoplex Ep-3. But, in this case also, the tape echo typical construction causes the lack of fancy features like midi, expression- pedal input, tap tempo or a looper. The same applies to the (pseudo-) stereo function of the Tube Tape Echo.

Therefore, you will get up to one second of beautiful delay time with the option to choose between two different speeds as well as between two different preamps.

By using the external footswitch you can switch the vintage sound wonder on and off pretty comfortably (as far as you want to switch it off).

Guitarists with a nicely filled wallet can buy the Solid State Echo exclusively via Fulltone.

On my cult-factor scale the Fulltone Solid State Echo becomes an 8 of 10.