+++ Guitars & amps Summer NAMM 2019 News +++

NewsCompared to the Winter NAMM most musicians perceive the Summer NAMM somehow inconspicuous. Nevertheless, some interesting innovations have been presented this summer.
Here, I would like to present a list of my highlights regarding the world of guitars and amps.



The digital Deluxe Reverb as well as the Twin Reverb of the Fender Tone Master Amps series are supposed to excite those who love the combination of classical sounds and modern features.
Both of the digital devices ought to emulate the original idols in an exact way.
At the same time, their weight is much lower and their power is a bit reduced. Thereby, they are supposed to sound pretty well on small stages and, in the original visual appearance, look quite well.


Talking of look: Sundragon Amp will put a standard version of the limited, exact replica of the Jimi Page amp on the market.
Based on the wiring of the original Supro, this amp is built up with modern parts.

Electro Harmonix

EHX created a reissue of the Dirt Road Special Amp. It is a transistor amp with in-built Holy Grail Max Reverb.
And the new Tri parallel Mixer promises uncountable setting options for effect pedals.

Tomaszewicz Amplifiers

Tomaszewicz Amplifiers shows the TZZ350D. A 35 watts tube amp that is oriented towards a Marshall amp. The amp with the KT66 tubes offers a classical British overdrive sound and numerous boost functions.


The traditional brand Supro renewed itself and presents the Galaxy Amp. A two-channel 50 watts tube amp that is supposed to create the best clean sounds as well as the best overdrive sounds a Supro amp has ever produced.


Fender & Gibson

While the Fender Vintera series and the Gibson Original series continue to orient towards well-known classics, my very own NAMM favorite is made by Ciari Guitars.

Ciari Guitars

The Ascender is a new, well thought out and pretty aesthetic version of the good old Foldaxe.
You will only need seconds to fold/ unfold this guitar and, thereby it fits into every backpack.
Until here, nothing new. But: the tuning will be maintained! And this guitar looks really good! I am absolutely curious about the sound.