Tips & Tricks: Guitar cables

Tips & tricksTo many guitarists the guitar cable is a book with seven seals and most of them never even think about the quality of their cables.

Many times I have seen pictures of pedalboards with countless boutique effect pedals connected with the cheapest cables. Of course, there is no law against that but you should keep in mind that every cable influences the sound.
If your cables provide your desired sound, everything is fine. But if you are unsatisfied with your sound, it may is worth it, to experiment with different cables of varying manufacturers.

Guitar cables

I have had very good experiences with Vovox cables. They maintain the dynamic and presence of the guitar sound. Up to my first buffer on my pedalboard I only use these cables.
But of course it is possible that another kind of music or another setup need other cables.
In this case too, you should try out which cable you like best.

And even if some people think that using cables in a specific direction is some kind of voodoo – I have made a practical test and even our female bass player noticed the difference!

Other aspects that matter relating to the decision for a particular cable are the flexibility, the durability and the size of the plug.
After all, the pedalboard will have to be wired quite well to avoid technical problems on stage.

I have had good experiences with Lava Solderless cables. Their length can be adjusted pretty easily and until now I have never had any problems while using them.
With regard to DIY cables I like the Sommer cable Sommer-Kabel SC-ONYX TYNEE with Hicon angled jacks best. They can be used easily and need only little space.

Cable length

Regarding guitar cables as well as patch cables the length should be suitable for your needs. If you are only playing on small stages you won’t need a 3 ft. cable for your guitar. Every ft. less will enhance the sound.
On your pedalboard you should on the one hand avoid long cables to avert interferences on the other hand the cables should be long enough to protect the jacks from stress.