Review: Hudson Electronics – Broadcast

BroadcastThe Hudson Electronics Broadcast is an innovative booster and overdrive pedal that has been debuted in different versions. It is based on the classic broadcast consoles of the 1960s.


The Broadcast is handmade in England in a solid Hammond BB enclosure. The dual foot version I use has got 4 pots (low cut, gain trim, low level, hi level), Lumberg in- and output jacks, standard power supply and two foot switches to change between high and low gain.

On the carefully stocked hole grid board you will find a discrete Class A circuit with selected NOS germanium and silicon transistors and a TRIAD Magnetics steel core transformer.

The Pedal also has true bypass.


Used at low gain the Broadcast it will be the perfect tone enhancer or booster. More gain will create a more fuzz-like overdrive.

You will get a vintage oriented overdrive sound that stays transparent all the time and – especially at hi-gain sound like a good fuzz pedal. Rotating the gain control to the full clockwise position the compression will increase and the mids will be thickened.And by using the volume control of your guitar you can create a clear signal. Because of the high dynamic, the transition from the clean signal to a light overdrive can be controlled by the way you pluck the strings.

According to the manufacturer the overdrive is produced by the NOS germanium transistors while the saturation is generated by the transformer.

You can run the pedal on 9V as well as on 18 or even 24V. A higher voltage increases the clean headroom, the maximum volume and the pedal will respond even more dynamically.

In this case the Broadcast reacts like an exciter and this is why you won’t switch it off anymore.

The low cut controls the cutting of the bass and thereby varies the character of the sound. The knobs for volume, gain trim and low cut will act quite interactive and this is why the pedal becomes pretty versatile.

Because of its headroom and the possibility to reduce the bass the Broadcast is really suitable to boost other overdrive pedals or preamps.

The Hudson Electronics Broadcast is a convincing overdrive pedal and to me it seems miles away from the common Tubescreamer sound.

Never before I used a pedal that has been reacting more dynamic to the string attack and I really would like to recommend every guitarist to try the Broadcast if he is searching for a new overdrive pedal.