Hughes & Kettner Replex

Hughes and Kettner ReplexThe Hughes & Kettner Replex a not even pedalboard-friendly digital delay which is specialized on a marvelous tube sound.
But the outstanding design, as well as its sound are justifying the size of this true bypass pedal absolutely.
A 12AX7 tube adds a fine analog touch to the digital signal. And the up to 900ms lasting delays can be enjoyed in the single as well as in a dual head mode.
And if the vintage delay sounds of the Replex are not enough, you can garnish the whole sound with a beautiful reverb.

Unfortunately, are the further features of the Hughes & Kettner Replex as vintage as the sound, thus you will have to get along without inputs for an expression-Pedal or midi, tap tempo or an integrated looper.

But for the amazing sound, the Hughes & Kettner Replex which today is only available in used condition, gets 8 of 10 points on my cult-factor-scale.