Ibanez AD-80 vs. DOD Rubberneck

This is a comparison of the Ibanez AD-80 with the DOD Rubberneck.
I wanted to compare the analog classic (AD-80) that is pretty hard to find on the second hand market with a modern classic which is easily available.
By using the the sonic options of the Rubberneck (gain/tone), I tried to make them both sound as similiar as possible.

0:11 AD-80 maximum delay time/ Rubberneck tone at noon, gain fccw
1:06 AD-80 maximum delay time/ Rubbernack gain 10 o’clock
2:45 faster delay time/ Rubberneck tone at 2 o’clock
3:52 faster delay time /Rubberneck tone reduced to 10 o’ clock (for a darker sound)

gear: Fender Telecaster, DelayDude Custom Amp, Shure SM57, Cubase, Evidence Audio SIS Cables.