Ibanez AD 99

Ibanez AD 99The Ibanez AD 99 is a less pedalboard-friendly analog delay.
To be strictly accurate, this mono- pedal is AD 9 in a bigger enclosure.
Thus, it offers a rather short maximum delay time of 300 ms and you will also have to do without features like tap tempo, modulation and true bypass.
The same applies to inputs for an expression- pedal or midi.
For the AD 99 is actually nothing more than the less space-saving version of the AD 9, 2 points will be subtracted regarding the placing on the cult-factor-scale.

Therefore, it gets 6 of 10 points.

But for those, who are looking for the sound of the Ibanez AD 9 and are unable to find one, the AD 99 is a cost-effective alternative on the second-hand-market.