Kingsley Page V2 Review

Kingsley Page V2The Kingsley Page V2 is a tube booster and an overdrive pedal with a true 12AX7 tube.


The pedal shows up in a compact and pretty solid enclosure and provides a true bypass circuit.
The quality of this handmade stompbox is excellent.
Similar to a vintage tube amp, most parts of the circuit are wired point-to-point.

The booster runs on a 9V power supply with at least 500mA and transforms the voltage internally to the amp-typical voltage of 250V and 6.3 V heater voltage.
The power supply jack as well as the in- and output jacks are situated on the front of the pedal.

Besides the knobs for tone, gain and volume, the Page V2 provides a switch to cut the low- end and a second one to reduce the treble.


The gain pot turned up slightly and the volume pot turned into full clockwise direction, this stompbox offers a nice boost which is able to drive the amp into saturation.
The Page V2 itself stays sound-neutral.
And even with a slight volume boost it is pretty suitable as a tone enhancer.

With a bit more gain you will easily get a slight overdrive or rather a tube saturation that can definitively not be created by a transistor-based pedal.
The tone pot (turned counterclockwise) enables you to tame the treble.
At the same time, it works together quite well with heights switch though you will be able to cover a broad range of tone without falsifying the sound.

The transition from a clean to a slightly overdriven signal can be controlled simply by the string attack. Especially when you use P90 pickups the dynamic is amazing.

The Page V2 is the perfect match for everyone who is still looking for a transparent overdrive pedal.

The Page V2 as a booster

If you use the Page V2 as a booster with more gain, the lows switch will help you to cut off the low end and thereby prevents the sound of the amp from getting muddy.
When you use less gain, you will get a pure and unaltered sound if the lows switch remains in initial position.

Even with a tone pot in full clockwise position and the heights remaining almost uncut, the Page V2 does not sound as harsh as a transistor amp with the same tuning.

In my honest opinion you will never get the feeling of using a pedal because the Page V2 behaves like a really good tube amp.
And by adding another gain stage to the tube amp it BECOMES an amplifier.

Like every other pre amp, the Kingsley Page V2 can be pushed with another booster or overdrive pedals to get even more gain.

The Kingsley Page V2 also is the ideal partner for a tape echo emulation. It reduces the digital sharpness and adds a marvelous harmonic saturation.

Of course, the waiting time of more than a year can have a deterrent effect but it is definitely worth it to try this pedal.