Klon Centaur (part 2)

KTRDoes my Klon Centaur clone sound better or worse than the original?

There are uncountable clones of the legendary Klon Centaur:


According to the manufacturer he is supposed to be most close to the original. The KTR has been created in cooperation with the designer of the original Klon Centaur. However, one can find several posts in the internet about its different sound in the lower mids.

But in contrast to the original, one can switch off the buffer.

Rockett Archer:

The Rockett Archer is a very recent clone of the Klon. Produced by the manufacturer that also produced the KTR. With this pedal, I came – in direct A/B-comparison- the most close to the sound of a Klon Centaur.

Wampler Tumnus:

On the forums the Wampler Tumnus is hyped a lot. It creates a pretty authentic Klon- sound, with a little more base than the original. The Tumnus does not need much space and fits pretty good on every pedalboard.

EHX SoulFood:

The Soul Food by Electro Harmonixis the cheapest pedal  and therefor it is known to be the budget-version. However, I did not like it the best because it reduces the lower mids, which are quite striking in the sound of the original. The circuit of the SoulFood is only inspired by the original Klon.

If you have got one of the mentioned clones or maybe even a DIY-clone, how could you compare it best to the original Klon Centaur?
And could this comparison be equitable anyway?

As I wrote before, every original Klon Centaur sounds a little varying. If one compares a clone to the original, one always will find the Klon Centaur to be the optimum. That means, in an A/B-comparison one probably will find out that the clone has got a less bass, some kind of thinner highs and will overdrive a little gritty.