Korg Kaosspad3 loops and the Elektron Digitakt midi sync

This is a video about how to use the Elektron Digitakt to midi sync start and stop loops of the Korg Kaoss Pad3 (KP3).

Gear:Elektron Digitakt, Korg Kaosspad3, Digitech SDRUM, DelayDude Midi Sync Cable

I show step by step how to record several loops on the Kaoss Pad3. The Digitakt starts the first loop of the KP3 via midi note #36, the second via midi note #37 and the third loop via midi note #38.
I assigned the midi notes #36-#38 of the Digitakt to the midi tracks 9-11 on the first trigger. Track 9 starts the first loop of the KP3 via P lock/condition in the first run, track 10 starts the second loop in the third run and track 11 starts the third loop in the fifth circle.

By activating the record button of the KP3 before starting the respective loop, the loop will be recorded insync. The tempo of the KP3 is synchronized with the Digitakt via midi clock.
Using this mode, you will have to stop everything manually.

In the Digitakt midi track 13, I assigned the midi notes #36-#38 to the first and the last trigger. Thereby, all loops start on the first beat of the measure. As every single trigger changes the state of the loop (start to stop/stop to start), it is necessary to set a second trigger on the last step-sequence to create an infinite loop.

By stopping the Digitakt right after the last trigger, the KP3 will also be stopped.

In the last part of the video the Digitech SDRUM (connected with the DelayDude Midi Sync Cable) starts and stops the Digitakt and thereby the KP3 as well via midi.

2:10 Part II how to programm the Elektron Digitakt
3:02 Part III starting the whole arrangement via the Digitech SDRUM