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NewsMost guitarists already know the super robust Little Lehle II.

It can be used as an A/B switcher or an effect loop and can be found on pedalboards all over the world. The Little Lehle III has been equipped with new features.

The Little Lehle is a true bypass looper that allows a switching between effect loops free from humming or clicking. You can use it as a simple effect loop or to switch between two guitars or amps – even with stereo effects.

The upgrade of the Little Lehle III offers the following functions:

Switcher/ button function

Three different modes allow to use the footswitch to activate the latching or the momentary function or a mixture of both functions. By activating the third mode, a short pressing of the footswitch will start the latching function, a long pressing, the momentary function.

Thereby, you will get several useful setting options that make the pedal also suitable as a stutter effect or a momentary switch for a fuzz or a delay pedal.

All switchers, buttons and the enclosure come around in the well-known Lehle quality.

Mono/ Stereo function

Another innovation is the option to lead a mono signal from the looper to the effect and then send the signal back in stereo. Especially for delay and reverb pedals, this is quite important. Thereby, the Little Lehle III can also be used at the end of the effect chain in a stereo setup.

By the way, the Parallel SW II has also been equipped with the same mono/stereo switching function. These additional features really make sense and make the pedals even more versatile and flexible.