Ask the Dude: Lexicon vs. Neunaber and Moog vs. Strymon

Ask the DudeRecently, a YouTube subscriber directed the following questions concerning different reverb and delay effects to me and I thought, that the answers might be interesting for other guitarists too.

Question: Why do you not play with a rack reverb unit live?

DelayDude: To me, racks have some disadvantages live on stage: Mostly, I adjust the right sound at home until I really like what I hear. In the mix in the rehearsal or live on stage, there is a sonic difference or my sound does not cut through the mix. Regarding rack effects, it is quite complicated to re-adjust the sound “on the fly”. Besides, rack effects work best with Line Level. For this, you also need additionally good preamps and longer cable paths. And, you will also need a really good power supply. Therefore, I prefer effect pedals live on stage.

Question: In the room does the PCM81 sound better than all the pedals?

DelayDude: If you listen to the PCM 81 isolated from the whole mix, it sounds (in my opinion) much better than all stompboxes. The signal is somehow rich, more vivid and three-dimensional.

Question: Is the Neunaber Expanse the closest to a Lexicon?

DelayDude: In a direct comparison, the Neunaber gets pretty close to the sound of the Lexicon. But the BigSky also is a marvelous pedal!

Question: Do you prefer the Moog Moogerfooger MF-104 M or the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM?

DelayDude: That’s a tough question. To me, the Moog MF-104 M always sounds richer and while the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM has its very own sound with a slight emphasis on the mids. All in all, I like the Moog best. The disadvantage of the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM is, that it is not really able to deal with hot signals and therefore starts overdriving or drops volume. I like the fact that you can boost the volume with the Moog pedal. All things considered, it always depends on your guitar and amp. In combination with a Stratocaster, I really like the Chase Bliss Audio pedals. The modulation of both is brilliant and pretty flexible.

Question: I have the Strymon BigSky and the Moog Moogerfooger MF-104 M. I’m thinking of getting into racks Lexicon PPM 81 and PPM 42, so I can put a rack looper and mixer in there as well so I can do all my looping there as opposed to doing it with pedals on the floor. Will also clear up some space as the Moog and Strymon gear are quite big. What you think?

DelayDude: This setup sounds really nice to me – regarding the sound as well as the flexibility. If it will space save is hard to decide because you will also need a good midi control unit to control the rack effects. But if you arrange the rack quite well, you will definitively be satisfied with the sound.