LoFi aka character sounds

LoFiWhile you are searching for the perfect sound, you will find uncountable possibilities.

But how does the perfect sound sound like?

The combination of a Custom Shop Strat, a pedalboard with high-quality boutique pedals and digital effects that offer numerous options of adjustment into a Two-Rock or Dumble amp is definitively a versatile setup that ought to sound perfect just because of its price.

But a high price does not automatically create a nice sound and even if this or a similar setup is used by thousands of guitarists, it may not sound perfect to everybody.

Mostly, the sonic character sounds are the interesting one that automatically provoke certain emotions.
Musicians like Kurt Cobain of Jack White wrote fantastic songs, recorded with cheapest guitars, standard Boss pedals and crappy amps.

LoFi sounds

Especially those character sounds can be used pretty intentional to transmit certain emotions.
I, for example, love playing a Danelectro DC59. This guitar prevails an airy and open semi-acoustic tone, which, to me, is absolutely unique.
But I guess, nobody would disagree when I say that this piece of Masonite with strings on it, is a high-quality instrument.

Regarding analog delays, this lack of perfectness caused by a slightly hiss also makes the difference.
Analog sounds are still very popular and every nuance from a vinyl’s crackling to the murmur of a music tape creates a very own sonic experience.

Of course, sometimes there are besides noise that no one really likes.
Everybody who ever used a digital effect and an analog pedal in a daisy chain, knows, what I am talking about.
The high-frequency whistle that will occur is definitively not musical.

But to get back to analog delays: even digital emulations of analog delays offer the possibility to add hiss or even overdriven murmur infinitely variable to the signal.
All these acoustic elements create the whole organic and vivid sound with its very own character.

Regarding the un-perfectness of the “perfect” sound, the Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII is a pedal which provides a special LoFi switch.
The tone becomes darker and an audible hiss is added to the signal.
I my honest opinion, I like this pedal because of this optional white noise.

Synthesizers may seem to be one step ahead: they use the white noise intentionally to form the sound.


Basically, guitarists like us are not looking for the “perfect” sound that is free from irregularities.
The most famous distortion contradicts the principle of the “perfect” tone.
In the end, it is nothing more than unwanted limitations of dynamic created by insufficient, in other words, unperfect electronics.
And to be honest with ourselves, we must confess that even a clean tone sounds best when the tubes of the amp are slightly driven into saturation.

Maybe it makes sense, to distinguish between a sound that is technical perfect and a sound that feels really good while you are listening to it because in the end, all things that are perfect are mostly pretty boring.