Lovepedal Hermida EPH-3

lovepedal hermida eph-3The Lovepedal Hermida EPH-3 is a pedalboard-friendly digital delay.
Inicially, the tape echo emulation has been produced by Hermida. Some time ago, Lovepedal aquired Hermida.
The 9 V pedal provides up to one second of maximum delay time. The FET preamp creates a warm, almost analog sound and even the beautiful wow and flutter of a tape delay can be emulated with this mono pedal.
Unfortunately, you will have to go without features like inputs for midi or an expression pedal, as well as tap tempo.
After a short period of limited availability, the Lovepedal Hermida EPH-3 is now available without any problems.
On my cult-factor- scale, the Lovepedal Hermida EPH-3 gets 4 of 10 points.