Malekko Ekko 616/ Ekko 616 MKII

Malekko EkkoThe Malekko Ekko 616 as well as its improved version, the Ekko 616 MKII is a pedalboard-friendly analog delay.
The mono pedal provides up to 650 ms maximum delay time and allows to choose between true bypass or buffered. The true bypass mode offers dark sound, while the buffered mode creates brighter delays.

In the second version of the red 9V stompbox, Malekko stamped out childhood diseases like clock noise and the dull sound of the buffer.
No matter which version you choose, the Ekko 616 is perfect to create a gritty analog sound with a lot of modulation. Unfortunately, the modulation is not even easy to adjust for you will have to use a mini trim pot.

As usual to analog delays, both versions lack a midi input; as well as a jack for an expression pedal.
Today, neither of the two versions are available in unused condition.

On my cult-factor scale the Malekko Ekko 616 or rather the Ekko 616 MKII gets 6 of 10 points.