Malekko EKKO 616 MKII Dark

Malekko Ekko darkThe name reflects the aim: The Malekko EKKO 616 MKII Dark: this is the dark version of the Malekko EKKO 616 MKII. The pedalboard-friendly analog delay offers up to 650ms of maximum delay time and enables its user to choose between true bypass and buffer.

While the adjustment of the modulation of the Malekko EKKO 616 MKII via the internal mini trimpot was pretty complicated, the external modulation control of the Malekko EKKO 616 MKII Dark makes things easier.
Nevertheless, Malekko refused to give up the internal trimpot completely, thus the level or rather the gain can only be adjusted this way.

Similar to the other Malekko delays, this 9V pedal as well comes around without inputs for midi or an expression pedal.
But this mono stompbox is available in unused condition problem-free.

For those, who are looking for a really dark and gritty analog delay sound, the Malekko EKKO 616 MKII Dark is absolutely recommendable.

On my cult-factor scale it gets 6 of 10 points.