Maxon AD 9 Pro

Maxon ad 9 proLike its predecessor, the Ibanez AD 9, the Maxon AD 9 Pro is also a pedalboard-friendly analog delay. The current version of the classic offers an extended delay time (450ms) and the additional tape echo multi head function. Via toggle switch, you can choose between single head and dual head mode.
Like the Ibanez AD 9, the Maxon Pro-version also comes around without inputs for expression pedal or midi. And you will also search in vain for tap tempo and modulation.
The creative heads behind this 9V pedal wanted to improve the sonic quality by reducing clock noise and adding an RMS level sensor. To me, the sound of the true bypass pedal is now a bit blurred and far away from the sound of the AD 9.
On my cult-factor scale the mono pedal, which today is available in new condition without any problems, gets 5 of 10 points.