Maxon/Ibanez AD 900

Maxon AD900Because of its size, the Maxon AD 900 is a less pedalboard-friendly analog delay.
Sonically oriented to the AD 9 the sprit separates regarding the two possible chips that have been used for the circuit of the Maxon AD 900.
Many of the true fans swear by the MN 3005, while others prefer the sound of the MN 3008. To me, the respective calibration is in such a way decisive, that I cannot make a clear decision.
The mono pedal offers up to 600 ms maximum delay time.
But you will have to dispense with features like tap tempo, inputs for an expression-pedal or midi and modulation.
The famous AnalogMan-mod changes this 12V device with the feared reversed polarity into a true bypass pedal.
On my cult-factor- scale the purple giant, which today is only available in used condition, is an 8 of 10.