Maxon/Ibanez AD 999 Pro

Maxon AD 999 ProThe Maxon AD 999 Pro is a less pedalboard-friendly analog delay.
Similar to the AD 9 Pro, the extended version of the AD 999 offers an additional tape echo multi head function. A toggle switch allows to choose between single head and dual head mode.
Like the AD 999, the AD 999 Pro also dispenses with inputs for an expression- pedal or midi. And you will also search in vain for tap tempo and modulation.
But, the 9V pedal provides up to 900 ms maximum delay time. And you will also get the clock noise reduction we already know from the AD 9 Pro.
Today, the true bypass pedal is only available in used condition.
On my cult-factor scale, the Maxon AD 999 Pro gets 7 of 10 points.