My favorite analog delay pedals

Many times, I have been asked about my favorite delay pedals and I must confess, that this question is soo hard to answer to.
Nevertheless, after a long time of thinking and trying, I figured out groups of my favorite delays regarding the categories analog delays, digital delays and tape emulations.
The order of the delays within the respective group or video is no ranking for I am unable to tell which of them I like best. Thus, the presentation is according to the alphabetical order of their names.
This second part is dedicated to my favorite analog delay pedals.

A general disadvantage of analog delays is the fact, that they are all mono pedals.
And all of them produce more or less besides noise. But to me, exactly this alleged disadvantage is responsible for a decisive part of the character of an analog delay.

Carbon Copy Deluxe (MXR)

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the disadvantages of the Carbon Copy Deluxe, but actually, nothing came to my mind.
Therefore, the Carbon Copy Deluxe must appear in this ranking.
The compact MXR pedal convinces with two presets and an extraordinary modulation.
You can choose between dark and bright sounds and of course, it also provides tap tempo.

Deluxe Memory Man (Electro Harmonix)

The classic. What can I say? Its sound is legendary and I love this bright and percussive delay. Sometimes, it almost reminds me of a tap-sound.
And the modulation of the old Deluxe Memory Man is unique and beautiful as well.
The pre-amp boosts the signal additionally.
If you would force me find aspects to criticize, I think, the facts that the Deluxe Memory Man lacks tap tempo and in its beautiful big box needs a lot of space on the pedalboard are all I can deprecate.

Moogerfooger MF-104 (Moog)

Regarding the Moogerfooger MF-104, the size as well is the only aspect, I could remark.
Apart from that, this giant offers tap tempo, midi and a marvelous modulation that can be adjusted very sophisticated.
For those, who love dark sounds and have some money to spend, this delay is definitively a very good choice.

Rubberneck (DOD)

Compared to the other analog delay favorites, the Rubberneck is a real bargain.
Besides tap tempo and the unique rubbernecking effect, this pedalboard-friendly analog delay also has pots for gain and tone.
They allow settings from clean to crunchy and from a slightly dark delay to really dark sounds.
If I would have to find something to criticize about this great delay pedal, it would be the fact that you cannot sync it externally.