My favorite digital delay pedals

Many times, I have been asked about my favorite delay pedals and I must confess, that this question is soo hard to answer to.
Nevertheless, after a long time of thinking and trying, I figured out groups of my favorite delays regarding the categories analog delays, digital delays and tape emulations.
The order of the delays within the respective group or video is no ranking for I am unable to tell which of them I like best. Thus, the presentation is according to the alphabetical order of their names.
This last part is dedicated to my favorite digital delay pedals.

First, I would like to mention, that regarding digital delays, my expectations are different from what analog or tape delays must offer.
Functions like stereo, midi in and out and tap tempo are must-haves of every digital delay.

DD-200 (Boss)

The Boss DD-200 is a real workhorse.
It easily combines an extraordinary extensive functionality with a perfect handling.
And all of this in a really compact enclosure.
Of course, it has midi and tap tempo and additionally it strikes with a tone pot which allows to tune the sound very sophistically.
To me, this is the perfect digital delay for every touring-board.

Click here for the detailed review of the Boss DD-200.

Echosystem (Empress)

Yes, the Empress Echosystem is also one of my favorite tape emulations.
But actually, it is phantastic, thus it has deserved to be part of this ranking.
From pitch to reverse to an ultra pristine digital delay – with the Echosystem every sound is possible.
Everything is possible in series or parallel. And of course you can control the Echosystem so easily vie midi.

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Zen Delay (Erica Synth)

The pre-amp of the Erica Synth Zen Delay provides a strong signal that almost reminds of the sound of a rack-delay.
One might could complain about its size and that it is only possible to control tap tempo and the on-/off- switch via an external pedal.
But this results from the fact, that the Zen delay initially has been designed for synth-players and not for guitarists with small pedalboards beneath their feet.
In discharge, Erica Synth created a marvelous filter which allows to adjust the sound really sophisticated.
Last but not least – if it is big or not – the design is unique and to me, it is absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

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And here you will find the respective video about my favorite digital delays.