My favorite tape emulations

Many times, I have been asked about my favorite delay pedals and I must confess, that this question is soo hard to answer to.
Nevertheless, after a long time of thinking and trying, I figured out groups of my favorite delays regarding the categories analog delays, digital delays and tape emulations.
The order of the delays within the respective group or video is no ranking for I am unable to tell which of them I like best. Thus, the presentation is according to the alphabetical order of their names.
I want to start this three-part series with my favorite tape emulations.

Echosystem (Empress)

Regarding its uncountable possibilities, the Empress Echosystem is really small.
One specialty is the to option to stack different delay engines in a stereo image.
Although it offers so much opportunities, the handling is pretty easy and you can also use the Echosystem without any menu-diving.
If there is something, I would have to criticize about this brilliant delay, I would say that it is a pity that it lacks a master-volume. That means, when you stack different delay engines, you must adjust the volume of every engine individually.
Click herefor the extensive review of this all-embracing delay pedal.

Echotopia (Crazy Tube Circuits)

The Crazy Tube Circuits Echotopia was one of the most surprising delay pedals of the last years.
Above all, the atmospheric sound of this Greek tone-miracle is so convincing to me. It is really inspiring and invites you to create infinite soundscapes to drift away.
Unfortunately, there is no external sync option for the tap tempo, but if that’s all I have to remark…
Here you will find a detailed review of the marvelous Echotopia.

Volante (Strymon)

And if I am forced to name my favorite delays, the Strymon Volante is obligatory as well.
I really love its multi-head function and the so-called golden and silver spacing.
By using this option, you can adjust special emphasizes that occur not in accordance to the rhythm and therefore do not overlay each other.
And the tape-style looper is also a brilliant performance-element. It allows to choose between delay and looper (tape-stop included) by a footswitch.
Regarding the Volante, there are little thinks to criticize as well. But I would be forced to remark something, I would say that the modulation is not totally perfect for me. It is not as organic and randomly like it could be. So, you can adjust a beautiful wow and flutter, but the tape crinkle is far too slightly.
Of course, you will find an extensive review about the numerous functions of the great Volante here.

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