Videos on YouTube – Why my videos are how they are

Ask the DudeI love to watch YouTube videos about pedals, guitars and amps.
The boundless vastness of the Internet offers to some extend magnificent, inspiring and enlightening content created by great people.
At the same time, just like almost all YouTube-users, I developed a preference for videos that follow certain rules. In the end these rules or rather aspects form the basis of all of my YouTube videos.

Guitar and amp

In my demos and comparisons, I would like to demonstrate how a pedal MAY sound in certain circumstances. In my honest opinion, it is impossible to provide an objective representation of the sound because there are numerous aspects which are involved in the development of an overall sound. Even the mains voltage may influence the sound (click here for further information about this issue).

I myself think for example, that it is hard to classify the effect of a pedal if you have never heard the sound of a specified guitar live in your bedroom or somewhere else.

Although, at home or at the rehearsal I mostly use other guitars, I do almost always use a Fender Telecaster with single coils if I make a demo or comparison. Nearly every guitarist knows the sound of this guitar. The same applies to the amplifier. Almost everybody has heard the sound of a Fender Tweed with its short signal ways live somewhere.

Pedal settings

Regarding my comparisons, I always try to adjust the pedals in a way that they sound as likewise as possible. Surely, for a comparison of the Line6 DL4 and the Fulltone Tube Tape Echo I could leave the setting of my Fulltone Tube Tape Echo as it is when I play for myself but in this case the first comment would be like: “The DL4 sounds shrill, while the TTE is so warm and full.” By choosing a setting at the Tube Tape Echo that gets close to the basic sound of the DL4, I want to demonstrate how close the sound of the emulation can get to the sound of a real tape delay.

Mostly, I would like to show that it is possible to use a low-priced pedal in a way which makes it sound like a more expensive one or even like the original.

I am not interested in displaying the thousands of setting options which a pedal provides (or lacks) because I think that every user enjoys it even more to find out for himself.
Besides, you will find the detailed description of all functions and features in the manual and I am very loathe to work through the manual of a pedal.

No monologues, please

Another thing that I don`t like is making videos with never ending monologues. Doubtless, there are magnificent videos made by great people that I have never seen and that I will never see because I quit after a 3-minute-monologue about the brand, the setting and the date of purchase of the used guitar.
For the present, I have not planned that you will hear my voice in one of my videos.

So, I hope, my little digression helps you to understand why my videos are like they are. It is not that I start filming without any intentions. I am pursuing a certain aim and I hope that I succeed in giving you a little foretaste of the one or the other pedal.