Mod: External Amout Pot

Ibanez WF10The Ibanez WF10 is a rare vintage wah-fuzz. The wah circuit is similar to the legendary WH10 which is also used by John Frusciante.
Unfortunately, it is only possible to adjust the amout of the wah effect via an internal trim pot. This is not even practicable and especially while you are playing your guitar, almost impossible.
By installing an external amount pot, you can now alter the intensity of the wah effect easily.
So, the WF10 gets more flexible and versatile-even live on stage.
But not only the amount of a wah effect can be controlled via such an external pot.
As far as your pedal has an internal trim pot to control for example tone or gain, I can also install an external pot to simplify the adjustment.
Just ask the Dude.