The Montreal Assembly – Count to Five CT5 Demo

This is a demo of the Montreal Assembly – Count to Five.

I already told you about the Montreal Assembly Count to Five.
There are numerous descriptions circulating on the internet about this pedal and to many guitarists it seems pretty hard to get a picture of the various functions.

Because of this I thought: Challenge accepted! And so I bought and tested myself this mysterious pedal.

Although the Count to Five is quite small it provides numerous functions.
Here is a short description of the pedal: it is a sampler that is able to reproduce the samples at different speeds (and thereby also different frequencies).

If you chose mode 1 the Count to Five records and replays the samples in real time (similar to a delay).

By selecting mode 2 or 3 the recorded samples will be reproduced in varying lengths and directions.

Thereby the Count to Five offers countless functions that encourage experimentation.

gear: Fender Jaguar, Fender Tweed Champ, Celestion G12M, Shure SM57, Cubase.