Moog Minifooger MF Drive RESONANCE MOD ladder filter – Now in the DelayDude shop

MF Drive Mod 4It is no secret anymore: The Moog MF Drive has a “Moog Ladder Filter” inside. But regarding the resonance, the toggle switch of the standard circuit only allows to choose between two fixed settings.

With the “MF Drive – Resonance“ mod you will get a pot for the infinitely variable adjustment of the resonance. Thereby, you get the chance to create beautiful filter sweeps and to experiment with the filter.

In contrast to the two standard switch-presets, the range of the resonance will become much wider. Up to self-oscillation.

And yes: The filter as well can be driven into the “filter self oscillation”!
This makes the Moog filter legendary.
In combination with the overdrive of the MF Drive, you will get all sounds from the filter to cocked wah to oscillation!

Perfect for guitar and synthesizer.

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