Effect History: The first multi digital delays (Part 1)

Effect PedalAlmost every guitarist who is addicted to delays is always searching for the perfect delay sound.
Uncountable analog and digital delays are jockeying for space on the pedalboard.
Early 21st century numerous manufacturers recognized this dilemma and started to invent multi digital delays.
Some of them I would like to present in a three-part series.

Line6 DL4

One of the first big delay pedals in shape of a stompbox was the Line6 DL4 that has been launched in the year 2000 and is still produced today.
It is convincing because of the extensive features (stereo in and out, 3 presets, tap tempo, 16 delay emulations, expression pedal input, looper) and because of its solid construction.

Strictly speaking this pedal is the direct ancestor of the Strymon Timeline (because the company Strymon has been founded by former employees of Line6).
Even today you can find the DL4 on numerous pedalboards, although the quality of the sound of some integrated emulations actually is not really up to date and you can easily find pedals that offer more realistic sounds.

The DL4 is mostly used because of its looper, which is maybe not appropriate to replay whole parts of a song (because of a maximum loop time of 14 seconds), but by recording short parts that can be replayed backwards, at half-time (and thereby one octave down) or double speed (and one octave up) you can create interesting loops.

Boss DD-20

At about the same time Boss relaunched its DD-20 which has set new standards because of a maximum delay- and loop-time of 23 seconds.
The DD-20 came from the Twin Pedal series and can be configurated differently changing the assignment of the foot switch.

The pedal offers 2 storages ann one live mode, 10 emulations and a looper, stereo in and out and tap tempo.

In comparison to the Boss DD-5 the DD-20 sounds some kind of dull and the maximum volume of the delay signal is a bit lower.
But by the bpm on the display the DD-20 can be adapted exactly to the tempo of every song

The tone pot allows the effective adjustment of a delay sound and you will also get stereo in and output.

The DD-20 has been produced for a long time but has been replaced in 2015 by the DD-500.