Effect History: Multi Digital Delays – Current developments (Part 3)

Effect PedalIn part 1 and 2 I have dedicated myself to the beginnings of multi digital delays and the second generation of this kind of pedals.
Recently there occurred some new developments concerning delays, so I would like to present the latest multi delays.

Boss DD-500

The Boss DD-500 is the latest Boss delay. It provides incredible setting options and the big display makes editing pretty easy.
At the same time, this pedal can be adjusted by an editor.
Besides numerous EQ and routing possibilities, you can also use two different delay sounds simultaneously.
The sound sometimes seems to be a bit sterile but for certain styles of music or rigs this attribute might be perfect.
And of course, this pedal is built up as robust like all Boss stompboxes.

Empress Echosystem

The new Empress Echosystem, too provides the possibility to use two delays concurrently.
Following the tradition of the Superdelay, the Echosystem has numerous innovative and creative algorithms.
Especially the filter and stutter effects are absolutely inspiring.
The pedal is proper for mono and stereo operation and all delay effects can be used parallel as well as serial.
Unfortunately, the Echosystem has no display and the midi jack needs a special adapter.
But the sound is marvelous.

Source Audio Nemesis

The Source Audio Nemesis is probably the most compact and pedalboard-friendly stompbox.
Although it lacks a display, it can be edited via an application.
By using this application, you will get twice the number of delay-types and uncountable possibilities to adjust your delay sound.
The only point of criticism is that the Source Audio Nemesis has no analog dry through (means, the signal will always be digitalized) which might get noticeable in low latencies.
And unfortunately, it lacks a looper.
But you can store 8 presets and others are available via midi.

All recent multi delays sound excellent and each of them has got its own advantages and disadvantages and its very own specialty.