Multi Effect Pedals

Effect PedalIn the 1980s many guitarists were pretty excited about the ostensible possibilities of the first multi effect pedals.
But soon they recognized that the quality of the sound of those multi effects did not convince at all.
Although this aspect has changed through the last years, the combination of two effects in one enclosure is much more popular today.

To combine two well-chosen effects in one enclosure provides the advantage that less space on the pedalboard and only one power supply plug will be needed. Besides you will mostly get interesting additional features and the sound is similar to the sound of the individual pedals.

Here I would like to present some interesting “double effects”.

Strymon Flint

The Strymon “Flint” which combines a tremolo and a reverb effect, can be found on uncountable pedalboards.
As important parts of the basic equipment of many guitarists, you can also find both of them integrated into several amplifiers.
Because of its ability to emulate different vintage-oriented sounds digitally the “Flint” is a pedal that can be interesting not only for those who have to get along with an amp without these integrated effects.
And in contrast to the integrated reverb and tremolo of an amplifier the “Flint” allows to change the order of both effects.

Keeley D6M Drive

The Keeley “D&M Drive” combines a boost and overdrive that is similar to the Klon/Tubescreamer with an OCD oriented overdrive/distortion pedal.
Furthermore the “D&M Drive” too, permits the change of the effect order and thereby is able to create various different sounds.

Keeley Aria

To me the Keeley “Aria” also sounds pretty interesting.
This pedal which combines the legendary Keeley Compressor and an overdrive/distortion effect will be launched at the NAMM Show 2018.

Electro Harmonix

EHX offers copious double effects, each one combining two of their popular circuits.
Especially interesting are the “Hot Wax“(combining the EXH “Hot Tubes” and the EHX “Crayon Overdrive”), the “Soul POG” (EHX “Soul Food” and “POG” in one enclosure), the “Turnip Greens” (EHX “Soul Food Overdrive” plus the “Holy Grail” reverb) or the analog multi effect pedal “Tone Tattoo” (“Metal Muff” Distortion, “Neo Clone Chorus” and “Memory Toy” analog delay).

The pedals mentioned here show a small selection of high-quality effects, combined in a meaningful way which will need less space on your pedalboard but may enable you to create creative sounds.