Multi Overdrive Part 2

In the first part of this article, I dedicated myself to multi overdrive pedals in general.
In this part I would like to introduce some interesting analog multi overdrive pedals in detail.


The JHS Bonsai provides a multiple selector switch to choose between various Tubescreamer circuits.
Therefore, it offers numerous TS sounds in one small stompbox.


The Tech21 GT2 is also an analog working classic that became quite versatile through its various switching options.
This is why it can be found in so many recording studios.
Although it is in a strict sense not really a multi drive pedal, it is able to cover several sounds by its extended possibilities to adjust and fine-tune the sound.

Origin Effects

The most recent multi drive pedal is the Origin Effects RevivalDrive.
On two channels, this pedal emulates an amplifier with tube rectifier and another one with a transistor rectifier.
Because of the almost endless adjustment options and the numerous pots, it is possible to fine-tune almost every single parameter.
Although it is absolutely necessary to become acquainted with this pedal to work with it, I guess that everyone will find his own perfect sound by using this pedal.


And, if we are talking about multi overdrive pedals, the Empress Multidrive is not to be omitted.
Its name reflects its program: the pedal offers an analog overdrive as well as a distortion and a fuzz circuit. Each of them selectable via foot switch.


The Elektron Analog Drive is a nice example for an extensive equipped overdrive.
It includes 8 complete analog circuits, controllable via midi.
This makes it one of the most versatile analog overdrive pedals on the market so far.

Chase Bliss Audio

The Chase Bliss Audio Brothers is a pretty compact analog multi drive pedal.
Each of the two sides of this pedal can be set as an overdrive, a boost or a fuzz effect.
The blend-option and the midi compatibility make the Brothers very versatile.

TC Electronic

Also mentionable is the TC Nova Drive.
This pedal was far ahead of its time but unfortunately, its fabrication has been discontinued.
The Nova Drive was one of the first pedals with an analog switching and a “digital brain” and can be controlled completely via midi.

In the third part you will learn more about interesting digital multi drive pedals.