Multi Overdrive Part 3

In the first part of this article, I dedicated myself to multi overdrive pedals in general.
In the second part I introduced some interesting analog multi overdrive pedals.
And in this last part I would like to present some digital multi pedals.

Digital multi pedals

The digital sector also offers several multi drive pedals.
Because of the digital algorithms it is much easier for the manufacturers to design a multi pedal.


For some time, there is the Line6 DM 4 which is able to provide all sounds from overdrive to fuzz.
The 4 presets allow a fast access to the sonic options which can be adjusted quite sophisticated by using the bass, mid and treble pots.
When this pedal has been put on the market, overdrives generally used analog circuits.
And maybe, the DM 4 will be rediscovered these days for it seems as if the digital distortion gets a second chance today (inter alia through AxeFX and others).
The Line6 successor, the M5 provides the sounds of the DM 4 and additionally offers many modulation effects.


Regarding innovations, Boss has to be mentioned, anyway.
The Boss OD-20 is a digital multi overdrive pedal that uses the COSM technology which has been invented by Boss.
This pedal emulates all classical sounds from the Fuzz Face to the Tubescreamer in the proven Boss quality.


The Strymon Sunset as well as the Riverside are two extensive equipped drive pedals which have recently been retrofitted with a midi control option.
The sound of both pedals is amazing.
The Sunset as well as the Riverside are compact pedals with almost endless setting options.

Besides, the Strymon Sunset offers two pedals in one enclosure which can be operated serial as well as parallel.
The sounds created with this pedal reach from a treble booster to an emulated second amplifier gain stage.
What else could you ask for?

Final tip

Attention should be paid to the fact that although digital pedals mostly run on 9V, they need more mA.
Though, take care of using an according power supply.

We live in the golden age of effect pedals.
No matter if a flexible double pedal, analog multi drives or, for the brave ones, digital overdrives with endless sound options, there is a pedal for everyone.
Tonally all these solutions are excellent.
There is no better way to use the little space on the pedalboard.