MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe or Eventide Rose?

Ask the DudeA reader’s question to the Dude:

“I have a question about two delay pedals, one of which I own and another I do not, but am interested in. You have demoed both on your channel, just never head to head.
The pedal I currently run on my board is a MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe. I love the pedal. I am running a professional tele through it into a Deluxe Reverb, and I love how it stays warm and doesn’t color my tone the way a lot of the digital delays seem to.
For some reason though, I am constantly looking at other delays thinking, “Ohhh, that will be the one I should replace the MXR with.” I am not looking to replace it, but, I don’t know why I keep looking at other ones.
This brings me to the other pedal, the Eventide Rose.
Seems awesome, and has that feeling of the MXR, but I cannot find any direct comparison videos of both.
I was hoping you could just tell me what you think about the two of them in comparison.

I basically just wanted to know if you think that one is better over the other in terms of overall sound/tone?

I know the Rose has more options, and I am definitely interested in that, BUT my main concern is: in a standard plain ol’ delay setting, to you, which one sounds better, warmer, nicer?
I know that is subjective, but you have a lot of experience with a lot of delays, and I am very interested in which one you think would be the better main delay on the board and why?”


I like the Carbon Copy Deluxe much better. The sound fits perfect into the mix and it creates a warm and full analog delay sound. And if you choose the bright mode, you get a slight brighter and percussive sound.

Although the Eventide Rose has a nice analog filter, to me, it still feels definitively like a digital delay. For sure, it is much versatile, but to me, it would always be a compromise.
I would have expected some further digital delay features like stereo, ping/pong, simpler midi sync options and a more flexible filter (similar to those of Moog or Erica Synth).

But I can understand, that you are always looking for another delay pedal. The same applies to me.

I would keep the Carbon Copy Deluxe as an analog delay on my pedalboard.
And to get an additional different sound, I would choose a brighter and more pristine digital Delay like the Strymon DIG or one of the Boss delays.