Obituary: Jim Dunlop – more than the Cry-Baby

Plektren In a certain way he was like the doctor of the music scene. Besides his brilliant own inventions, Jim Dunlop brought dead ones back to life. Without this man, we could hardly recreate the legendary sound of Jimi Hendrix. If Jim Dunlop would have not put his eggs into the basket, the fabulous Cry Baby might have disappeared forever.
And we would also try still rather poor to emulate the sound of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. Without the man with his Scottish roots, MXR might have vanished, too. I think, I don`t know only a single guitarist who have not used a Cry-Baby or any MXR stompbox and at the same time, the man behind the brand was so much more than the rescuer of these pedals. He never stopped developing and inspired the world of guitarists constantly with his designs and inventions.

Besides countless of his pedals – belief it or not – his picks have influenced me in a decisive way. Without the picks of Jim Dunlop, I might have not become the guitarist I am today. Maybe it sounds hackneyed or exaggerated but that`s what it is. The Jim Dunlop Nylon Standard Picks are my first choice.

After 82 years a great man who changed the world of guitar music for all times, left us. But in each (even the smallest) pick a part of Jim Dunlop lives on.