+++ NAMM 2019 News Part 1 +++

NewsBefore the NAMM 2019 opens the doors for guitar geeks from all over the world, the first information about new pedals, amps and instruments are announced. Here I would like to present a small selection of interesting news:

Strymon Volante

The Strymon Volante is a delay pedal that produces tape echo sounds as well as Echorec and studio tape delay sounds. Its size and functionality makes it the link between the smaller Strymon pedals like the El Capistan or the DIG and the big box pedals like the BigSky or the Timeline. It offers tap tempo, midi and presets. The multi-tap function seems especially interesting to me. It allows to choose between the virtual heads, combine them and pan them in the stereo field.
All this is available in the customary Strymon quality for about 400,00€.

Korg Volca

The Korg Volca series will be complemented by the Volca Modular and the Volca Drum. The Modular is based on a Buchla Synth and, because of its patch cables, provides an entrance to the modular world. The Volca Drum is a digital drum machine with numerous setting options. And, of course, both Volca devices come along with the typical step sequencer with its various possibilities.

Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal

For a long time, guitarists hoped for this release: Source Audio puts the C4, a digital synth pedal emulation on the market. The polyphonic pedal uses gain stage before the filter. Thereby, it becomes able to create also dirty sounds and a better response of the filter.

Ernie Ball VPJR

Ernie Ball now offers a volume pedal that is already integrated into a tuner. This space-saving idea is nothing new, but I think, that many guitarists will like this device a lot.


For the first time, Orange created an amplifier with an integrated tremolo – the Tremlord 30.
The performance capability of the EL84- based 30 watts amp can be reduced to 1 watt. Therefore, it is pretty suitable as a recording or bedroom amp. The two speeds of the tube driven tremolo can be adjusted by a foot switch. Because of the fact, that this amp is supposed to provide vintage clean sounds, it dispenses with a gain control.

The Pedal Baby 100 is a compact 100 watts class A7B power transistor amp. Yes, this amp does not use a tube and is supposed to amplify pedalboards or modeling amps. Because of the fact, that many guitarists form their sounds completely by the use of effect pedals, a neutral sounding power amp is something obvious.