+++ NAMM 2019 News Part 2+++

NewsBefore the NAMM 2019 opens the doors for guitar geeks from all over the world, the first information about new pedals, amps and instruments are announced. Here I would like to present the second selection of interesting news:


Blackstar puts a amp trilogy on the market: the Studio10 is actually available with a EL34, a 6L6 or a KT 88 tube and is supposed to provide British, American and especially clean sounds. The amps only have one power amp tube and are, because of their capacity, intended to be used for recording.
The three compact tube combos have a 12” speaker and a boost/drive switch that can be controlled via a footswitch.

Eathquaker Devices

The Earthquaker Devices Swiss Thing is a flexible switcher with two loops, boost, expression out and tuner out. This pedal offers various options especially for huge pedalboards and allows the constant as well as the momentary activation of the loop.

Mad Professor

The Mad Professor Double Moon, is an analog modulation pedal which is able to create chorus, flanger and vibrato sounds. Besides the usual speed and depth knobs to control the modulation, this compact pedal offers a tone and a control knob. The function of the control knob depends on the respective modulation effect.


The Noatronic Onboard Expression is a midi controller that can be integrated right into a guitar. Via the pot you can control midi pedals as well as modeling amps. The Breakout Box allows an installation without the need for a battery or any further electronics.

Mooer GE300

The Mooer GE300 is a multi effect pedal with numerous features. The GE300 includes a modeling amp, impulse response, polyphonic synth sounds and a great variety of 164 effects. The 108 versions of amp modeling of this device can be set via the 10 freely configurable footswitches. Besides, you can record and save 30 minute stereo loops and the extensive input options of the GE300 make it possible to integrate this device into almost every setup.

Peterson StroboStomp HD

Peterson was the first manufacturer that invented a Stobo tuner. The StroboStomp HD is an update: various tuning in different colors can be saved in 100 presets. The enormous accuracy of 0.1 cents offers the best tuning and the possibility to choose between buffered and true bypass allow a perfect integration of this pedal into your setup.