+++ NAMM 2019 News Part 3+++

NewsThe rumor mill is churning….
Here I would like to present a collection of some interesting NAMM Show news.

Synthesizers seem to be the next big thing for guitarists all over the world. And because all the bass players actually want to be guitarists too, Electro Harmonix launches the Bass Mono Synth. Optically, as well as conceptually, this digital Synth is oriented to the B9 Organ Machine which was supposed to get Keyboard players enthusiastic about Electro Harmonix devices.

It was on the last NAMM Show when Fender presented the new compact pedal series. Now this series will be extended by four modulation pedals. Fender as well has a heart for bass players and therefore created the Downtown Express Bass Multi-Effect. And guitarists can choose between the Lost Highway Phaser, the Bubbler Chorus and the MTG Tube Distortion.

Yet it is rumored that Keeley also follows the synthesizer hype and might launches the Keeley Synth-1 this spring. This digital synthesizer pedal offers 11 different modes. We all will be anxious…

The MXR Dookie is the Green Day signature overdrive pedal that enables fans all over the world to create the classical Marshall sound of the first Green Day records.

The excuse: the pedalboard is too full for a full sound is outdated. This might have been the thoughts of the Carl Martin engineers and so the Comp/Limiter provides the wanted sound of the big Carl Martin compressor in a pedalboard-friendly and optical decent but very pleasant design.

For a long time, we waited but now Free The Tone finished the String Slinger and the Fire Mist.
Both overdrive pedals are suitable as a clean boost, but they also provide bountiful headroom. And -as so often – we can choose between the American Fender sound of the Black Face period and the traditional British sound.

Until now Neunaber has been associated with brilliant reverb pedals but with the Neuron Neunaber ventures forward the world of digital overdrive pedals. The pedalboard- friendly pedal provides – among many other features – a versatile preamp with speaker simulation, presets, a compressor and midi.

The one ventures forward to the world of overdrives, the other steps out of it: Thorpy FX has been famous for their overdrive pedals so far, The Deep Oggin Chorus/Vibrato the first modulation pedal of this manufacturer. Dan Coggins, formerly LOVEPEDAL designer helped the creative minds at Thorpy FX to design an analog pedal which is optically convincing and definitively an interesting insider tip for stereo freaks.