+++ NAMM 2019 News Part 4+++

NewsThe rumor mill is churning….
Here I would like to present the last part of a collection of some interesting NAMM Show news.

The Pedaltrain SST Space Saving Tuner takes care of a good vibe on the pedalboard in a double sense: with this device every guitar can be tuned perfectly in a few seconds and at the same time this mini pedal does not need any space on the pedalboard. Therefore, you will have enough space for another interesting pedal launched at the current NAMM Show.

Way Huge follows the trend from big to small already for some time. One whispers that these guys started the whole thing. No matter who began to put a great sound into a small enclosure, uncountable guitarists will thank Way Huge for the new member of the Smalls series. The new Supa-Lead offers the great overdrive sound in a small format. I am curious about the first sound files.

As analog as possible – this is how the Eventide Rose is supposed to sound like. The design of this new digital delay may not suit every pedalboard but after so many years of development we ought to be anxious about the sound.

Chase Bliss Audio takes care of the play instincts of the guitarists and all wannabe studio-owners: the engine operated faders of the Pre Amp MKII are able to bring back the urge to play in each of us.