+++ News: 2 days till the NAMM Show 2018 +++

NewsOnly two days left till the NAMM Show begins and I would like to use this time to introduce some really interesting pedals to you that supposedly can be seen on the NAMM 2018.

Chase Bliss Audio „Thermae“

The Chase Bliss Audio „Thermae“ is not a delay for traditional delay sounds.
This analog delay with its incredible 4 seconds of maximum delaytime offers a lot of space for everyone who likes to experiment.
By using the integrated pitch shifter you can add a higher or a lower octave or fifth without the need for an external expression pedal.

Empress “Zoia”

The Empress “Zoia” is a digital multi effect pedal that enables the user to modulate various parameters by different oscillators.
The integrated algorithms are the well-known Empress effects like delay, tremolo or phaser.
A digital midi map editor offers the possibility to link various modules together as you like and enables you to create totally new kinds of soundscapes.
In my opinion this device is almost located in the world of synthesizers and can be used for guitars as well as many other instruments.


JHS is launching 5 new pedals with analog circuits.
The „Unicorn V2“ Analog Uni-Vibe is supposed to be the first uni-vibe that works with a small bulb.
The „Panther Cube V2“ Analog Delay as well as the „Emperor V2“ Analog Chorus and Tremolo provide an analog bucket brigade chipset, tap tempo, an external expression pedal control and much more. All of them are convincing in a compact enclosure with a fancy new design.
Just like the “Mufuletta” (which unites 9 different kinds of the legendary Big Muff in one pedal) the “Bonsai” enables the user to choose between 9 different Tube Screamers.
And finally, the “Andy Timmons AT Signature Drive Pedal” which is based on the circuit of the “Angry Charlie” extended by a boost circuit and the multi-watt-mode that offers the choice between the sound of an overdriven 25, 50 or 100 watt amplifier.