Neunaber Expanse

Neunaber ExpanseThe Neunaber Expanse is a pedalboard-friendly digital delay that, in combination with the Expanse software sonically offers almost everything a delay-addicted can long for. Actually, it is a multi-effect. Via mini USB the elegant looking 9V allrounder can be connected to your PC or Mac.
Then, the up to 1000ms maximum delay time cause the agony of choice: reverb, echo, chorus, shimmer, modulation, tremolo or flanger? Create your own perfect sound. Depending on the chosen effect, the three pots can be programmed and allow an additional fine-tuning.

Besides the choice between true bypass or buffered, the Expanse offers an analog dry signal, stereo in- and outputs, tap tempo, modulation and an expression-pedal input.

Furthermore, the ExP controller, which is additionally available, adds midi and presets to the repertoire of the Expanse.
Today, the Neunaber Expanse is available without any problems.
Regarding the numerous options and the wonderful sounds, the combination of the Expanse and the ExP controller get 8 of 10 points on my cult-factor scale.