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NewsCooper FX are famous for their extraordinary effect pedals.
The Outward v2 is a new version of the celebrated Outward, which is a freeze, stutter and time stretching pedal, able to sample the audio signal digitally and to replay it in different modes.

The v2 also offers the following features:
Besides the well-known speed/sense, size and mix pots, the v2 also has knobs to adjust tone and volume. The tone pot is a low pass filter that ought to be able to reduce the digital sharpness of the signal as well as clock noise that might occur at longer clock settings.
The volume pot controls the volume of the wet signal. The new clock pot controls the speed of the DSP chip and, thereby, the pitch of the audio signal. In conjunction with the alt switch, the user will be able to adjust the octaves and fifth of the clock.
The pit/dir pot controls the playback direction of the sample. Thereby, you might be able to create pitch and reverse effects.
The freeze/tap button is nothing more than the name already suggests.
Furthermore, you will now find four onboard presets that allow to save additional settings.

Tome Majeski is not resting on his creative constructions. He is always going one step further.
Click here for an interview with the founder and head of Cooper FX.

Like always, the number of the new Cooper FX pedals is extremely limited and mostly sold within hours. But if you want, you can let yourself set on the waiting list for the next round of Outward v2 pedals.
The price for the pedal that will be available again within 3 – 5 month, will be about 285 $.