+++ NEWS: ERIC Tube Saturator Tube-Overdrive Crowdfunding-Campaign+++

face-pedals ericLately I found a link to a crowdfunding-campaign which I think is worth to be supported.

Under the name “Face Pedals” the guys from Janssen Guitars of the wonderful northern Germany are fiddling about a unique analog overdrive that is running without transistors but with two so-called pencil-tubes. And when real tubes are overdriving, they sound, of course, like real overdriven tubes.

The artwork of the robust enclosure is pretty quaint and professional done. And besides the pedal gets along without ventilation slots that normally attracts every kind of beer in a magical way.

By only 3 pots (saturation, low, level) the handling has been deliberately kept simple but effectively.

Those who like the sound of the 50s and 60s may keep clear a space of 5, 7″ x 4,76″ x 1,37″ on their pedalboard.

At the beginning of 2018 the “Eric Tube Saturator” which is produced in Germany will be put on the market. But until then Face Pedals needs your support.
At present there is a crowdfunding-campaign that will facilitate the implementation of the pedal. The early supporters will get the overdrive for € 199, 00. Later you can afford the pedal for €299, 00. But you also can support the producer without buying a pedal.

Click here to support this project.