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NewsIn October, MXR will launch their new clone looper pedal M303.
The pedalboard- friendly looper is lacquered in silver and about the same size like a MXR Phase90 (landscape format). The two footswitches for recording and play/stop and one volume pot will make this pedal easy to handle.
Besides the in- and outputjacks, a 9V power supply- and an expression pedal input, you will also find a control input at the front of the pedal.
The maximum recording time is about 6 minutes with an endless number of overdubs. Even for a Prog Rock band, this ought to be enough.
The loop will be saved after switching of the pedal and therefore, the looper is not only suitable for jamming, but also as an idea-saver.

The bright LED shows 4 counts at the start of the loop, thus you can start at the right moment.
Because of the footswitch’s configuration, the loop can be started and stopped directly, without the need for the switch being hold or tapped two times. This is quite practicable and might benefit the timing as well. Recorded layer can be erased without deleting the whole loop.

The pedals sampling rate is 88.2 kHz and it has got an analog dry thru. Regarding the bypass mode you can choose between true bypass and buffered. This is really nice, for most loopers are used at the end of the effect chain and a buffer mostly makes sense here.

Those, who like it a bit crazier, can also experiment with the double speed, half speed and reverse effects. According to the respective speed, the maximum recording time varies between 3 and 12 minutes. These effects can be activated via an external pedal. By using an expression pedal, you can vary the volume of the loop on the fly.

To me, the M303 seems to be a really flexible and compact looper, that will find its place on many pedalboards.
The only disadvantages are, that it is a mono pedal. Like mentioned above: many guitarists use their loopers at the end of the effect chain, after a stereo delay and reverb. But of course, there are enough guitarists with mono pedalboards.
And, the pedal needs a lot of power (225mA) and thereby might overstrain most multi power supplies. In this case, you should ensure that your pedalboard has got enough power.