+++ News : The NAMM Show 2018 +++

NewsThe NAMM Show 2018 is getting closer and already first information about new pedals seep through.
Here are a few insights:

Diamond Memory Lane DLX

The Diamond Memory Lane DLX is the new version of the Memory Lane Junior digital delay.
Extended by several features of the legendary analog Memory Lane 2 delay, the DLX has a tone pot for the repeats as well as a speed and depth pot for the modulation and thereby provides totally new options.

Ibanez Nu Tube Screamer NTS

As you could see for several days on the internet, there is a new version of the Ibanez Tubescreamer – the Nu Tube Screamer.
It is based on a Nu Tube – a technique that is similar to tubes and which has been invented by Roland.
With a reverse-colored enclosure in shape of the old TS 808 enclosure and an additional clean blend pot, this pedal should be very interesting.

NUX Atlantic and NUX Masamune

By putting the NUX Atlantic, a delay- and reverb pedal and the NUX Masamune which combines an overdrive and a compressor the producer follows the trend of combining different effect in one enclosure.
In their appearance both pedals resemble the small Strymon pedals and I guess that especially for those who are looking for good low budget effects these two will be pretty interesting.

TC Electronic – delay, reverb, shimmer, rotovibe

Right now TC Electronic is one of the most innovative effect designers and puts several new pedals on the market.
For this year’s NAMM Show they present a digital tape echo (Gauss), a shimmer reverb pedal (Fluorescence), a digital reverb (Drip) and a univibe (Vibraclone).
All four are pedals of the new good value pedal series.

Alexander Pedals – Quadrant Delay

The Alexander Pedals Quadrant is a very exciting delay that offers numerous functions, different kinds of delay sounds (tape, BBD, digital, lofi), midi and tap tempo.

Way Huge – Pork & Pickle

The Way Huge Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive Fuzz is not only a pedal for bass players.
It combines the Pork Loin overdrive and the Swollen Pickle fuzz and besides its clean blend enables the user to add the dry signal.

And also the category of mini pedals comes up with some innovations:
Sonicake brings different volume and expression pedals on the market.
The Mooer mini pitch shifter pedal has got the same size like the Sonicake pedals.
SubZero produces a new mini looper and NUX offers a tiny tuner.

All of the pedals mentioned above seem quite interesting to me and it remains exciting what other pedals will follow.
As soon as I get further information you will find them here.