Vox lil´ Night Train vs AC15

Amp Comparison: Vox lil´ Night Train vs AC15

For this video I recorded one song with the Vox lil´ Night Train as well as the AC15. Both amplifiers have been recorded by the same speaker  (Celestion G12M Greenback).

The lil´ Night Train is a really good recording amp that creates the typical Vox sound.



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Ask the Dude: True Bypass vs. Buffer

Ask the Dude“True bypass” – I guess, there is no term that is mentioned more frequently relating to the presentation of a new pedal. What does “true bypass” mean and does it have any advantages? Continue reading “Ask the Dude: True Bypass vs. Buffer”

Klon Centaur Clone

Do they sound identically? Which one is most close to the original?

Klon CentaurThe prices for an original “Klon Centaur” are rising constantly. Recently I found a golden Klon on Italian ebay for 2100,- €. And to keep it in mind: this one, of course was in used condition and without box. Continue reading “Klon Centaur Clone”

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy

Deluxe Memory BoyDelay Dude Demo: Electro Harmonix – Deluxe Memory Boy

This shootout of the analog delay “Deluxe Memory Boy” by Electro Harmonix shows extraordinary sounds, which can be created with this pedal. Amongst other things I create tremolo- and pitch-sounds. In addition I use a POG and a tremolo in the effectloop of the Deluxe Memory boy.

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Analogman ARDX20 vs. Ibanez ADmini

Analogman ARDX20 vs. Ibanez ADmini

This is a short comparison of two analog delay pedals:

The ARDx20 is a boutique delay by Analogman. It is an analog pedal with numerous features: two different settings, effect-loop amm. The Ibanez Admini also is analog and because of its size pretty “pedalboard-friendly”.

Both pedals are based on the old Ibanez AD-9 from the 80s.

Compressor Shootout

Part 1:

This is a comparison of the following five different compressor pedals:

The riff has been recorded on a Boss Looper .

Part 2: